Coronavirus- symptoms of new strain (covid-19)

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The 2nd strain of covid-19 is generated in 2021. Coronavirus was started in 2019 at the end and still continue. This strain is very effective for children’s and younger. Here you will found symptoms of new strain of coronavirus. The new strain of covid-19 is very diffrent from old strain. The new strain of coronavirus has very diffrent symptoms. Read it if you have any symptoms from written below be careful.

symptoms New strain of coronavirus (covid-19)

.Diarrhea and lossmossen –

In a new corona situation, the patients which are effected with diarrhea And lossmossen are found to be . corona positive.

. Pain in body –

In this symptom, pain in head and pain in sore throat and muscles pain. Pain in a sore throat effects the

breathing . Pain in muscles effect all the body and our body feels very bad. This is new strain symptoms.

. felling cool

same like if we have fiber our body feels temperature cool. In this strain body feels cool is also symptom

of coronavirus.

. Pain in eyes –

The new symptoms is pin in eyes during the pain in eyes it becomes red and swelled. Which people’s has this problem are also found Corona positive.

. Difficulty in hearing

In this symptom there is problem in listening and problems in ears. We can not listen properly in it.

Symptoms of new strain of Covid-19

  1. Diarrhea and lossmossen
  2. Pain in body
  3. Feeling cool
  4. Pain in eyes
  5. Difficulty in hearing


symptoms of coronavirus


There is a change in a taste of foods we eating. In it we do not feels the taste properly. We feels very diffrent taste from real taste. The taste has gone . There is change in our tung or mouth.


fiver is a main symptom of Coronavirus. In this situation the fiver in our body becomes up and down. In fiver our body temperature hot but we feels cool. This is a common sign so be careful.

Chest pain –

The Corona virus attacks on our lungs and makes problem in breathing. Through this there is pain in our body. Breathing is an important function of our body.

Breathing problem –

The Breathing is an important function in our body. When it stopped our body dead. When the Corona enters in our body it attacks on our lungs. It makes problem in breathing we do not breathing properly. Breathing problem is also a sign of coronavirus.

sneezing –

after the Corona enters it cause infection to our body. It increases the chances of sneezing. so, sneezing is also a symptom of Coronavirus.

Dry cuff –

Patients with dry cuff are found to be Corona positive. Dry cuff makes pain in a throat and make it dry. This is also a symptom of Covid-19.

Covid-19 all symptoms

Change in taste


Chest pain

Breathing problem


Pain in body

Dry cuff


Feeling cool

Pain in eyes

Difficulty in earing

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