FOODS – Which Foods Cause Hair Loss

There are many things we eat in daily routine but we don’t no some of that foods cause hair loss. In this article we share that – foods cause hair fall.

The food you eat is responsible for the nutrition your hair cansumes. So, that must mean that eating healthy things is the solution, right? Well, it’s a little more complicated than that because contrary to popular belief, many of the things that seem healthy might not actually be all that healthy for body or hair.


Foods cause hair loss
Foods cause hair loss



One of the top healthy hair ways that we’ve all heard is that milk proteins work substantially well when becomes to preserving hair health. A lot of professionals agree on this step, and we are not trying to negate them.

However, it must be noted that dairy includes a certain amount of fat in it. What fat basically does is, it grows the testosterone amount in your body. This is one of the many hair fall reasons that has troubled quite a some people around the world.

Additionally, if you are prone to eczema, dandruff, or psoriasis, then dairy products tend to exacerbate this kind of problem. This, in turn, causes hair loss.


No matter how much we talk about the importance of decreasing sugar intake, it does not seem to go down. So, here we are, discuss about how sugar causes hair loss.

Sugar causes you to have weak or poor blood circulation. Once your circulation is damaged, it becomes difficult for your blood to reach all the way up to your hair follicles. Another problem that appears, is the nutrition distribution across your blood, which meaning is that there’s a chance all nutrients do not reach your hair.

Few people, due to excess sugar intake, also experienced what is known as ‘scalp inflammation’. As opposed to the burning sensation, scalp inflammation includes you having a very cold scalp caused due to weak blood circulation. This, again, leads to damages your hair.

Sugar also tends to increase testosterone in your blood, which is also one of the major causes for hair fall in the world. So, if you asking, ‘how to control hair fall?’ the answer is to try and decrease sugar from your daily diet.

Refined carbs

Probably the best-tasting food ever, the refined carbs, unfortunately, are one of the many more causes of hair fall. Food involving breads, cakes, pizzas, pastas and other refined carbs close your defenses against stress. So, if you are already facing stress-induced hair loss, the carbs are not doing you any favors.


You are probably wondering how nuts affect to your hair. After all, they are high in protein and includes healthy fats, which is basically what your hair wants anyway.

Some people are extremely allergic to nuts and experience a reaction as soon as they eat nuts. Few people are only mildly allergic to nuts.

Most nuts also contain selenium, which while required in traces, can become one of the hair loss reasons if eat we in large quantities. One nut you should be informed that aware of, that consists of high quantities of selenium, is the Brazil nut.


Being seafood, swordfish is definitely a good source of protein. However, it is also one of the richest fishes when it becomes to mercury. Mercury is one of the top hair loss logic.

So, what really happens is that mercury combine with the other mineral traces in our body. The main metal you should be worried about is zinc. Let’s just say that zinc and don’t like each other very much, which leads to a zinc deficiency. As zinc increase hair growth, its deficiency can cause thinning of hair and hair fall problems.


We all love the greasy food. The texture it adds to our food basically warrants the ‘tasty’ tag.

As you probably know, the scalp deliver in our body, an oily substance called the ‘sebum’. This sebum provides moisture to the skin on your scalp similarly same as to your hair. However, when you fulfill your body with grease, this sebum also tends to get greasy. This causes your hair to look a bit too limp and greasy. But more than this is happen.

With the greasy goop covering your hair follicle, it comes difficult for your hair to grow, which turns out to be one of the many hair loss reasons. To avoid oily hair, indulge in daily cleansing regime of scalp and hair.


What carbonated drinks basically do is that they combine with the insulin in your blood and make it less responsive to sugar. This leads to an grow in the sugar in your bloodstream, which later goes on to hamper your blood circulation and decrease the nutrient supply to your hair follicles; causing hair fall. It is because of this property of carbonated drinks that it is considered to be injure to hair.


Probably the chief ingredient of every party or function, alcohol is not very hair friendly. Alcohol dehydrates your hair. Once your hair does not have as much moisture as it acquires, it comes brittle, leading to cause or damage hair. Use a good hair nourishing shampoo, which restores hair moisture and prevents further hair damage.

Another problem with alcohol is that it reduce the zinc levels in our body. As we have established earlier, zinc is a pretty necessary mineral when it becomes to hair growth and hair volume.

What should be eaten to avoid hair fall?

High levels of mercury are associated with hair fall. One of the most simple sources through which we eating mercury is fish. Some fishes are particularly mercury-rich and wants to be avoided. This involves sushi, mackerel, swordfish, and certain tuna.

Can poor diet cause hairloss?

Unhealthy Diets Result in Sudden Hair fall

When you do not get the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that your body wants from your diet, it can cause a hair fall. For instance, too little protein in your diet can cause healthy hair, and inhibit your body’s capability to build new hair follicles.


Applying egg yolk topically to your hair scalp can infuse the root of hair with vitamins. This means that the new hair will growing out stronger and be less prone to breakage and shedding. When your hair does not fall out as much, it comes fuller. It can even seem like it’s increases faster.

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